If you ever talk about doing a detox cleanse to your friends, you will probably find someone to tell you that it’s a fad and a waste of time. After all, your organs of elimination take care of that. After reading this post, you will understand all the fundamental aspects of the detoxification process. However, I want to point out that you don’t need to waste your energy trying to change anyone’s mind. It’s OK, have fun and laugh at yourself:

Why detox, the funny version

In this overview of why you need to detox, we will talk about five signs you need to detox, the five types of toxins that can make you sick, and the five ways a detox helps you.

why you need to detox

5 Signs you need to detox

You might imagine a detox as some cleanse that requires you to go hungry and drink weird concoctions. Although drinking funny concoctions might be part of the protocol, going hungry doesn’t have to be. You might have to gain a few new habits and learn to read your body’s cues better, but nothing too complicated. If you have any of the following issues, they are your reasons why you need to detox:

1- Cognitive problems: Brain fog, migraines, lack of focus, and fatigue.

2- Autoimmune Issues: Allergies and autoimmune issues like arthritis or lupus. Even if you don’t suffer from autoimmune diseases, joint pain and asthma could also be symptoms.

3- Digestive Issue: Acid reflux, constipation, irritable bowel.

4- Mood Issues: Anxiety, depression, or just a sense of general unhappiness.

5- Skin Issues: Eczema, rashes, itchiness.

You could safely say that everyone needs a detox. One would be hard press to find one person that doesn’t suffer from one or more of these issues. And pretty much any chronic health problem can be improved through a detox. If you find yourself unable to resist your food cravings, you will benefit from a detox. Craving foods in itself can be a reason why you need to detox.

5 Types of Toxins That Can Make You Sick

Toxins around you are the number one cause why you need to detox. However, keep in mind that people all over the world have fasting rituals, which serve the purpose of detoxification (even if they may not be seen as such).

On top of that, we live in a toxic world, and our bodies are bombarded with chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances regularly. Our bodies are designed to eliminate these toxins, but when the number of toxins we come into contact with exceeds our ability to deal with them, we start accumulating them.

1- Heavy Metals: Metal fillings are the number one source for heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals cause oxidative damage to cells, deplete minerals in your body, and disrupt your hormonal balance. Heavy metals that can accumulate in your body include mercury, lead, antimony, nickel, cadmium, tin, arsenic, and uranium.

2- Opportunistic pathogens: Bacterial and viral cells, Candida, yeast, fungus. I am sure you have heard of Candida, it’s the better know invader. Candida is a type of yeast. When it proliferates in your body, it can cause a wide array of symptoms. The commonly known symptoms are yeast infections, thrush, and athletes foot, but there’s more. Digestive issues, sinus infections, skin and nail infections, and joint pain can also be signs.

3- Environmental toxins: Chemicals in cosmetics, cookware (Teflon and aluminum), car exhaust, cigarette smoke, canned foods, your water supply, cleaning supplies, building material, new furniture, petrochemical in carpets, perfumes, rubber, plastics. Radioactive activity from cell phones and microwaves also constitute environmental toxins. Did you know that some think that these signal are strong enough to disrupt bees and pigeons? While you are detoxing your body, you are allowing it to heal any damage that may have been caused by environmental toxins.

4- Emotional or spiritual toxicity:

Rage, anger, depression, fear, bitterness increase your disease risk. A physical detox can improve your emotional health because your physical body and your emotional body are so intimately intertwined.

5- Our food supply: Genetically modified corn and soy, hybridized grains food additives, and pesticides. You might have heard of glyphosate, also known as Roundup, and its impact on your body. Roundup has been labeled as safe and effective. Consequently, the US alone uses 300 million pounds per year.

You can see that even if you eat clean, our world isn’t clean. The average newborn is born with 200 carcinogenic chemicals in her umbilical cord blood. Among these chemicals, we find flame retardants, and bisphenol A. Most chemicals are not tested for safety before being used in products.

Why You Need to Detox
Detoxing with Whole Foods

5 Ways A Detox Helps You

A detox may help with any of your symptoms. That’s a good enough reason why detox. On top of that, the main benefits you will notice are reduced inflammation, improved mood and reduced anxiety, weight loss, more energy, and increased libido.

There is a logical explanation behind these significant health gains:

1-When you stop eating foods that aggravate inflammation in your body; it can redirect all its energy into healing. You may think most of the foods you eat are healthy, and they might be, but they may also add to the toxic load you are carrying around.
During a detox, you need to avoid processed foods and grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, soft drink, energy drinks, artificial sweeteners, conventional meat, refined sugar and fruit sugar, refined processed oils. Did you know that most protein powders have lead and arsenic?

2- When your body is toxic, it will store its toxins in your fat. That is why most of us tend to have the hardest time losing these last 5-10 lbs.

3- During a detox, you are eating foods that are easy to digest and nourishing. It allows your body to repair itself and take care of any opportunistic pathogens as it doesn’t have to devote as much energy on digestion.

4- Your body is getting the most nourishing foods, and receives added nutrition to heal. While you avoid all the inflammatory foods, you focus on the healing foods (all plant foods, particularly greens and non-starchy vegetables, some fruits, and non-allergenic foods like grass-fed and organic meat).

5- You are allowing your body to heal. We call this autophagy, and it means your body is cleaning out damaged cells. For the process to occur, you need to fast as part of your detox. That’s in part why the detox protocol that helped me most is so useful. It requires you to fast for at least 12 hours each day.

How to Take Action

Now, you understand the symptoms that could mean you need to detox, the toxins that may harm you, and how your body can repair itself and eliminate enough of the accumulated toxins to start functioning better through a sound detox protocol. You understand why detox. I recommend doing a 10-detox cleanse at least every few months. Contact me to learn about my favorite cleanse.

If you are looking for something super easy to get started, check out my Favorite 3-Day Detox Plans.

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