Eating PaleoOn to a new adventure! In this post, I will explain why I started My Paleo Family and what my vision for it is.

In the Beginning

As I mention in my About Me page, it all started when I realized how much healing power food could hold. In my experience, Paleo is the lifestyle that works best to maintain all-day energy, a sense of well being and a healthy weight.

Beyond the Paleo Discovery

Of course, lots of people find a way of eating that helps them feel great, although not everyone will start a blog about it (many of us do!). The thing is, I want you to avoid making the same mistakes I did. No need to waste time and effort, you can learn from me here, on My Paleo Family. Yes, let’s take the overwhelm out of Paleo Living!

Why My Paleo Familiy

So, why My Paleo Family?

In My Paleo Family, I will provide practical solutions that will help you simplify eating healthy and take the overwhelm out of Paleo living. It is a whole different challenge when you have children, but I have you covered (all the topics will be hyperlinks as I write these blog posts).

Practical Paleo

Under the heading Practical Paleo, you will learn about freezer cooking, saving time in the kitchen and flours you can use in your paleo baking. You will also get child-friendly meal ideas that will help you feed your family comfort foods that they will love as they get used to this new lifestyle. Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend the day in the kitchen. I wasted lots of time that way at first. I was following all kinds of complicated recipes because I thought that’s what I had to do. Of course, if you enjoy learning and cooking, that’s fine! Go for it! I have some info for that too! You will learn to make sweet potato flour, coconut yogurt and all kinds of fun things. Sometimes though, you just need to learn the shortcuts and you will.

Weight Loss

The Paleo Diet is a great way to lose weight because it eliminates processed and inflammatory foods. Here, you will learn how you can lose weight and reduce inflammation on the Paleo Diet. You can read about my weight loss story here.


If you would like to hear the story of when I told my children about adopting the paleo lifestyle or if you want to lighten up and laugh a bit with some funny memes and videos, or even learn more about the science behind your food choices you will enjoy the category Inspiration. I will also share what I am experiencing as I am going through this journey with you.

SupplementsPaleo Vegan

Supplements are an essential part of your wellness journey. In this category, you will learn how and why supplements can help you. For example, in this post, I talk about My Top Supplements for Weight Loss.

How I envision My Paleo Family

I am feeling excited and a bit apprehensive as I am starting this blog. I started another blog about a year and a half and didn’t do much with it. I just lost interest. Although I believe that each project is an opportunity to learn in itself, bringing the blog to fruition is my goal here. What would success look like? I am planning to help you take the overwhelm out of Paleo living by posting three times a week for a year! A bit scary! Not only that, but I intend to provide valuable content on YouTube. At the end of the year 2019, I am also planning to create a course. The course will help women balance their hormones and lose weight on a paleo diet.

Here you have it! Now you know what my expectations are for this blog! Feel free to comment on what would help you most below.

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