Meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, green shakes… Shakes are a convenient way to eat healthy on the go. Moreover, they are a useful weight-loss tool. In my post Top 5 Most Effective Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes, I compare the most common vegan meal replacement shake brands and rank them. In this post, I want to evaluate more in detail the top 2 brands: Purium and Shakeology. Although we will look at the ingredients and compare various aspects of the shakes, I will focus on some key points for weight loss.

Purium Shakes

To compare Shakeology with Purium, we need to examine each product carefully. Purium offers more than one type of shakes. Let’s look a the various options and how they can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Super Meal LOV

As I mentioned in my Top 5 Most Effective Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss, Super Meal LOV tastes better than most other vegan meal replacement shake brands. Furthermore, it keeps you full longer. However, make sure you get the Vanilla Chai flavor, I find the Original taste like raw broccoli and cabbage smoothie.

Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

The list of ingredients is impressive, with organic fermented superfoods dehydrated at 80F.

The Super Meal love costs a little bit less than $83 for 1320 g if you are a preferred customer. Contact Me to know how to get your discount.

Power Shake

I like the Super Meal LOV because it keeps you full for many hours. However, I much prefer the taste of the Power Shake. I like to add it to my smoothies (like my 101 anti-inflammatory smoothies). It even tastes good just mixed with water! I use it when I do the fasting mimicking diet or the 5:2 intermittent fasting method because it feels you up with very few calories and boosts your body with nutrition.

Power Shake Purium

Some people prefer the Original flavor, but I haven’t tasted it. I love the Apple-Berry Flavor! Green superfood powders have many benefits (you can learn more by reading Top 11 Benefits of Green Superfood Powders). One of the well-known benefits is relieving allergic rhinitis. I used to get sneezing attacks because my allergies were so severe. Now, I don’t even get them during the ragweed season!

The Power Shake costs $75 for 1065 g if you are a preferred customer.

MVP Sports

The MVP Sport shake is helpful to fuel your workouts but can also serve as a meal replacement if you consume the double serving.

Purium MVP Sport

The MVP Sport includes a probiotic blend on top of all the other superfoods. It costs $60 for 675 g as a preferred customer.


Shakeology is one of the better-known shakes out there. It is also very tasty! You can purchase a vegan shake or a whey protein-based shake in various flavor options.

The ingredients are not organic and it is pricey at $130 for 1230 g. However, it does contain an impressive array of superfoods.

Purium vs. Shakeology Comparison

Weight Loss

To answer the question Purium vs. Shakeology, which one works best for weight loss? simply, the answer is definitely Purium. Why? Because Purium actually fills your belly up, which makes it more likely that you will decrease your overall calorie consumption. Although I like the taste of the Shakeology best, I still feel hungry after one serving. Both the Super Meal LOV and the Power Shake make me feel full. With the Super Meal LOV, I can go hours feeling satisfied.

Nutritional Facts

This comparison of the nutritional facts of Shakeology and Purium accounts for all three of Purium’s products. In the chart, you will see the calories, the fat, carbs, and protein amount. Then, we will have a brief discussion about the vitamin and mineral content.

Shakeology vs. Purium

As far as the vitamin and mineral content goes, I made a chart comparing some of the main ones:

Shakeology vs. Purium

As you can see, Super Meal LOV is superior in all aspects. The Power Shake has an incredibly high amount of vitamin A, all from whole foods. I think it must be why it made such a big difference in my energy level. Vitamin A is essential for your cells to produce energy.

Ingredient Purity and Quality

The last thing I want to compare in this post Shakeology vs. Purium is the quality and the purity of the ingredients. Let’s just look over some important points to consider:

  • The Shakeology is not organic, but all the Purium products are organic.
  • Shakeology includes adaptogenic herbs and a probiotic/digestive enzyme blend. Only the Purium’s MVP Sports includes digestive enzymes.
  • One serving of the Shakelogy contains 8 g of sugar compared to 2-3 g with Purium.
  • The Shakeology is costly compared to all of the Purium options.
  • Both Shakeology and Purium include a wide array of superfoods, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.

Shakeology vs. Purium

In Summary

While I love Shakeology and I am always happy to purchase it at a discount when I sign up for Beachbody on Demand, I don’t think it’s worth paying the full price for it. You get much better value for your money with any of the Purium options. My favorite is the Power Shake, but the Super Meal LOV really offers better nutritional content and keeps you full longer.

Purium vs. Shakeology Comparison Video

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