I came pretty close to not writing this post about the top health and wellness network marketing companies because I wasn’t sure it was congruent with the Paleo lifestyle. I decided to do it for two reasons:

  1. Wellness products are an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Network marketing companies tend to offer the best supplements on the market (if you beg to differ, please read on).

When you read stuff online, take it with a grain of salt (including what I publish). People have many opinions about everything and much of what you will find is biased. Read on and learn from my experience, but do your research.

Why You Should Buy Your Health Products From a Network Marketing Company

Many people despise network marketing companies. I guess the problem is that too many network marketers have given the industry a bad name while tricking friends and families into sales meetings and trying to sell their stuff non-stop. Keep in mind the issue isn’t the industry, it’s the people that are part of it. Network marketing is like any other business. Some are run honestly and ethically while some others, not so much.

Superior Quality Products

Whether it’s essential oils, supplements, green cleaning products, shampoo, it doesn’t matter! Most companies offer superior quality products. I know, because I have experimented with a lot of health and wellness products. In fact, I spent over a decade purchasing supplements from the health foods store and even health and wellness professionals. It is not until I tried network marketing brands that I experienced true change. Now, it’s like I can use my body as a compass to gauge the effectiveness of supplements. When I don’t use the right supplements, I feel tired within a month. That being said, we are all unique, and products that work for one person may not work for another.

Help Send a Kid to College

Most health and wellness network marketing companies no longer focus on building a team. They are about customers. Moreover, 80% of network marketing business owners are moms. Moms who are looking for a way to bring in an extra income. Why not support people you know and buy the quality products that you would buy anyway from another store?

You Can Get Paid Too

It’s obvious that you can get paid by starting a business with your health and wellness network marketing company, but it’s more than that. Most companies offer points and financial rewards on your own purchases. Moreover, you can get paid even if you only find two friends to try the products with you. You don’t need to actually “start a business” to earn money in network marketing.

My Experience With Health and Wellness Network Marketing Companies

My Beginnings

Eighty percent (anyway that’s the number I heard many times) of network marketing business owners start because they loved the products. I was part of that group. After feeling sick and tired for over a decade, I started feeling well again when taking supplements from a health and wellness network marketing company. I no longer needed to nap every single day! I was not tired at 8 pm and I felt well-rested in the morning. Furthermore, my headaches decreased in frequency. The business opportunity started making sense to me and I went all in! I wanted to provide financial freedom for my family and there was no way I was going to back down.

A New Adventure

After about 8 months, my sister told me she joined DoTerra. I was already buying oils from Young Living, but I wanted to support her business so I purchased a supplement kit because I felt I had enough oils from Young Living. These supplements did wonders for me! The more I learned about DoTerra, the more I loved the company. I decided to start building the DoTerra business rather than the first company, which was Plexus. I started learning even more about essential oils and experimenting with all the products.

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

However, after about 6 months, I struggled with candida and none of the essential oils helped. I knew that I had been healed from my tendencies to get candida when I was using Plexus, so I went back. Now, I want you to know that every time I joined a new company, I did enroll some friends, even just social media friends. But I was far from my goal to retire my husband and provide financial freedom for my family.

A Feeling of Unrest

Even though Plexus was helping me with many issues, I was still not 100% happy. Some products were questionable, I had other health issues that were not improving. I kept researching and trying other products from other companies (including the health food store). Although I had more energy than before, I still felt more tired than I should sometimes. My allergies were not improving either. Besides all that, I was looking for clean products that I could be proud of. No questionable ingredients in them, only pure nutrition! I would Google organic network marketing products and different searches like that. In the process, I tried many companies including some that did not make it on this list.

Sometimes, the Grass is Actually Greener on the Other Side

These products had many good aspects, but nothing was helping me as much as Plexus did so I kept coming back. I was no longer working on the business aspect, I just wanted to find products that I loved. Eventually, I came upon Purium. Two weeks after starting taking the products, I could feel a difference. The more I learned about the products and the ingredients, the more I loved the company.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

I am telling you all this because unlike most of the articles you will find on the Internet about the top health and wellness network marketing companies, this post is written by someone who has first-hand experience with the majority of them.

My Top 11 Health and Wellness Network Marketing Companies

This list is in no particular order. Most of the companies I joined have enough positive points to make it on that list but not all. Also, keep in mind that some of these companies may have products that are not 100% pure. Do your homework and research the right company for you. To learn more about how to research supplements, read My Top 5 Most Effective Supplements for Gut Health. The main points to remember are to look up the ingredients on PubMed (or EWG Skin Deep in the case of cosmetics) and check if the supplement you are considering purchasing is on Labdoor. Labdoor tests various brands of supplements and ranks them. If the supplement is in the Labdoor database you will get valuable info about it. If it isn’t, it just means that it wasn’t evaluated.


1- Purium

I mentioned before that I joined Purium for the quality of the company’s products. I was researching quality health and wellness products and found a blog post by Mamavation entitled The Ultimate Non-Toxic Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Investigation. That’s how I discovered the company! Purium offers a wide array of superfoods. All the products are pure organic superfoods. The ingredients are dehydrated at a temperature of 80F to preserve all the nutrients and made into a powder. The company has created tons of resources to explain the benefits of the numerous products you can buy on the Website. Furthermore, the company is protecting the planet by eliminating plastic from its packaging. The business works more like an affiliate program that allows you to offer $50 gift card codes to your customers.

2- DoTerra/Young Living

Both companies offer superior quality oils. Essential oils are not all created equal. Their active constituents vary according to the way the plants were cultivated, where they were grown, how they were harvested and processed. With these two brands, you can rest assured that your essential oils are of the highest quality as you have access to the testing reports.

Besides essential oils, these companies offer personal care products, household products, and supplements. My main issue with building a business with DoTerra or Young Living is that it’s hard to get people to re-order once they have their essential oil kit. Customers need to have a recurring order to get rewards on their purchases. I would still be ordering from DoTerra if I could get discounts even though I am not ordering every single month. The products are too expensive without the discount and I don’t want to order every month.

3- Pure Haven

A health coach friend of mine told me about this company and I thought it was worth mentioning it here because she knows her ingredients. I am planning on purchasing their products sometime down the road. Pure Haven sells natural household and personal care products that are 100 free from all toxins and contain pre and probiotics.

4- Beauty Counter

I don’t have any personal experience with Beauty Counter but I wanted to add it to the list because safe products are very important in healthy living. Moreover, many Paleo bloggers promote Beauty Counter, such as Danielle Walker at Against All Grain and Jennifer Robins at Predominantly Paleo. Plus, the Business Insider published a very positive review of the company. If you are looking for a health and wellness network marketing to join, Beauty Counter is a solid option.

5- Plexus

My first love! Plexus offers effective health products. Remember, I tried supplements from three other companies that didn’t compare as far as the product effectiveness goes. However, I didn’t leave the company for no reason. Let me just share some problems I had with the business:

  1. The majority of my customers would join for weight loss. Many people do lose weight taking Plexus products because they reduce your cravings, but most do not. I would say that 70% of my customers were no longer ordering after 3 months. I much prefer selling supplements that people take because they know they are flooding their bodies with nutrients.
  2. You are encouraged to recruit ambassadors. Enrolling as an ambassador is the cheapest option. Chances are, your upline will tell you to enroll your friends and family as ambassadors so they get the best discount. However, if I was to do this over, I would sign them up as preferred customers. Preferred customers also get a great deal and you will actually get paid for their purchases. Unless your ambassadors purchase over 100 PVs (which is over 100 USD), you are not getting paid on their purchases, you are getting paid for points. These points don’t amount to a whole lot each month and since not many people will order more than $100 worth of products each month, you will find that your paycheck is slim unless you keep enrolling.
  3. The company has passed the momentum stage. A few years ago, the company experienced monumental growth. This means that most likely, people know someone who sells Plexus. It makes it much harder to find customers. Not impossible, of course! I enrolled many customers myself and a good friend of mine is rocking the business right now.

6- Amare

Amare is a relative newcomer that I really wanted to mention here. Why? Because I love how the company focuses on improving mental health along with gut health. Moreover, the distributors that I know are building the business online in an innovative way. Old strategies are not as effective as they used to be. By old strategies, I mean networking on social media. Making new friends on Facebook or Instagram and sending them messages to ask if they want to try the products. It’s time we move on! Influencers are the future of network marketing. In fact, people who succeed really fast in network marketing have always been influencers in their own network. That’s why they are so successful!

However, the average person isn’t much of an influencer. Learning to become an influencer is the most effective way to build a business that will amount to more than a few hundreds of dollars a month. This means you need to create an audience by offering useful information on a chosen topic. You will have to provide value over and over and over before you see any results, but the payoff is huge!

At Amare, that’s exactly what many distributors are working on. I discovered the company through Bec Sadek. She sometimes tells her story on Facebook. She went live on her fan page to help network marketers every week for a whole year before she started seeing results! It takes time, but once you have the influence, you can build your business authentically.

7- Q Sciences

My experience with Q Sciences was not extremely positive. The products, whether it’s the CBD oil or the core supplements didn’t help me achieve my health goals. I also didn’t like how my upline was encouraging me to build the business through prospecting everyone on my list, including my Plexus customers. However, I decided to include the company here anyway because I know many people are getting impressive results from the products. Many moms have seen their autistic child improve through taking the supplements. These supplements were sold in health professionals’ offices before the company set up a network marketing plan. Moreover, the compensation plan is impressive. I have friends who make thousands in a matter of weeks. If you are a person of influence in your network, this company could be a good fit for you. You will be encouraged to invite people you know to online or in-person events to build your business. My main complaint about the Q Sciences compensation plan is that it is heavily based on building a team. You don’t earn any type of reward on your own purchases.

8- Modere

Modere offers a wide array of health and wellness products. The company structure is customer-oriented, which is important in my opinion. For the magic of residual income to happen, your customers have to re-order. Companies that allow customers to order whenever they need without setting up an auto-ship and still get rewarded are ahead of the game in my opinion. I also appreciate how many big names in network marketing are with Modere. If you want to build your business through attraction marketing, Modere is an excellent option.

9- Juice Plus

What I love most about Juice Plus is that the products are food-based, just like Purium. They are also very affordable! Moreover, I have a very positive experience with the company as a prospect. I am part of a Health and Wellness Facebook group that presents tons of useful health info not at all centered on the products. The Facebook group offers value first, and that’s how you form a true relationship with prospective customers. I am confident that the products work. There is an interesting and objective article by Healthline about the benefits of the products. Some studies have shown that they help protect against inflammation and improve immune function.

10- Arbonne

There are not very many health and wellness companies that are 100% vegan on the market. Arbonne is one of them. A friend of mine experienced great benefits from using the products. Arbonne sells products that are safer and less toxic. The company offers a wide array of options from beauty products to shakes and supplements.

11- Sole Naturals

Solle Naturals doesn’t have 100% clean ingredients like many of the other MLM companies I mentioned in this post but it comes close. I love that the products use the power of adaptogenic herbs to get people the results they want. A friend of mine has been sharing her Solle Naturals results on Instagram and I have to say I am impressed with the MLM company.

I have friends in so many other companies! Don’t think that because I didn’t include a specific company, I don’t think it doesn’t have any value. I just wanted to list my personal favorites.

And please don’t comment to tell me about such and such company. I know you love your company and you think it’s the best out there! More power to you! Just remember that I picked companies that I felt I knew enough. There are dozens of other health and wellness network marketing companies that would deserve to appear on such a list. Stop reading and go build your business!

Network Marketing for Health and Wellness Bloggers

Professional bloggers usually monetize their blog through affiliate marketing and digital products. Many are starting to understand how network marketing can serve as a monetization strategy as well. Network marketing typically offers a much better financial reward than affiliate marketing. So why not? As long as you use and love the products you are selling, sharing them with your audience is an excellent way to earn an additional stream of income.

Organic Network Marketing Supplements

Watch this video to learn more about Purium and the organic supplements the company offers.

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