About Me


From sick, tired, and overwhelmed to healthy, happy, and hopeful.


Whether you are new to Paleo Living or have been on the journey for a while, my Paleo Family will help you SIMPLIFY the Paleo lifestyle.

My Story

Where It All Began

I am a mom of seven. I used to be constantly tired, suffer from allergies and get regular headaches. It was affecting my life and my ability to mother my children.

I was always interested in learning about health and wellness, but my health declined to a point that I decided I needed to do something more than just eating just whole foods.

I knew that food had the POWER TO HEAL, but I had to discover how.

My first diet experiment, Raw Food

The first serious cleanse I went on was the raw food diet. I definitely felt better, but I could not stick to it for very long and I would satisfy my cravings for sugar by eating all kinds of raw desserts.

The GAPS diet

A few months later, I tried the GAPS diet. After 3 days, I could not believe the difference! It’s like a fog of fatigue and brain fog lifted from me! I did not stick to it completely and still felt better for quite a while. That’s when I knew that there was something about this style of eating that was much better for me.

The Paleo journey

Some people can change their whole diet cold turkey and never look back. I am not one of them. For me, this has been a long journey of going in and out of paleo/grain-free lifestyle. I gave gluten and dairy years ago, but as I am getting older, I am finding my body needs more. I tend to gain weight if I eat grain and as my metabolism is slowing down. I also believe that this is a sign of mild inflammation, which I want to minimize.

What you will learn here

So, on this blog, I am taking you on the journey with me. You will learn not only why Paleo can be beneficial for you, but also how to make it practical so you can feed your family easy and healthy meals all year round. Paleo living should not be overwhelming even if you have children. Here, you will learn how to feed your family healing food without spending the whole day in the kitchen or breaking the bank.

If you feel you could use some practical help, a community for support and motivation and regular info to help you understand why this lifestyle is helping so many reach their health goals, don’t forget to grab your free 3 Easy Snacks-On-The-Go and join my mailing list.